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Established: 2002.     Franchise Started: 2017
Outlets: Company Owned (1), Franchise (5)
Investment: 5,00,001 - 10,00,000
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About RUPIKA Franchise

This is a B2B Sales&Marketing Franchise Opportunity. Potential ROI >100%

Rupika is Ayurvedic Post Natal Care Kit with right combination of most traditional oils and herbs to leave life long health benefits for every mother/woman(Rupika is part of our traditional Women and child products range)
Each Rupika Post natal Kit contains combination of traditional oils and herbs to be used for 7 days. While the duration of therapy could be 28 to 42 days, the most authentic Ayurveda texts recommend 42 days for best long lasting benefits

Rupika Advantage

• Traditional and Time tested: Rupika is a unique traditional solution for post natal care recommended by Ayurveda for more than 5000 years
• Safety First: Post natal care is a much ignored area because very few safe and effective solutions are available. Rupika is a traditional Ayurvedic Rejuvenation package with no adverse effects on both Mother and newborn
• Ease of Use: Rupika could be used with minimal support in the comforts of home. No need for time consuming sessions in hospitals. Rupika is ideal for the modern mother who has a tough time balancing motherhood and professional life.

Franchise Opportunity in All leading Locations across India:
If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, RUPIKA offers you a great opportunity to fulfill your dream, earn excellent returns and in the process play a role in empowering women!

Target Group:Doctors/Gynecologists/Ayurveda Doctors/Doctors dealing with post pregnancy care

What isin it for Franchisee?

Opportunity to earn fantastic returns

Per Month earnings could be between 1L to 15L

Franchisee margins are from 45 to 60 % apart from
retail/hospital margins

Minimal/almost no infrastructural cost

Limited manpower requirement

Min investment 7 to 8 Lakh.Op exp is minimal.Excellent earning potential
visit call +917200097197

Single Unit Investment for RUPIKA Franchise

Expected Investment for Franchise:   5,00,001 - 10,00,000
Investments Includes:  
  Franchise Fee   300000
  Equipments   500000 stocks
  Furniture and Fixtures   NA
  Advertising / Marketing   Sales Exevutive/s
Capital Investment required:   7 to 8L
Expected Payback Period:   6 months
Expected ROI:   50 to 150% based on slabs
Any other Investment needed:  

Master Franchise Investment for RUPIKA Franchise

Expected Investment for Franchise:   10,00,001 - 15,00,000
Franchise Fee:   750000
Investments Includes:  
  Furniture and Fixtures   Limited office/storage facility
  Advertising / Marketing   Local
Capital Investment required:  

Important Points for RUPIKA Franchise

  Franchise Training Program:  
  Training Program available for the franchisee
  Software/Hardware Support included in the Franchise Fees
  Franchise Training Venue:     Franchise Site
  Franchise available in Regions:  
  Area/Site Preference:    
  Minimum Floor Area needed:     300
  Term of Franchise Agreement:    
    Franchise Agreement is renewable
  Other Important Points  
  Minimum Guarantee given  
  Facility provided   500000 stocks
  Master Franchise Available  
 Site Select Help given  

Contact Information: RUPIKA Franchise Post Enquiry: RUPIKA Franchise Add to Wishlist: RUPIKA Franchise