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Rima Nigam – Co-director – Cuddling Town Play School

Rima Nigam

Rima Nigam

Q1.Can we start with a complete overview of your brand; basically what inspired you to start Cuddling’s Town pre-school? What was your thought pattern when you started it? Did you want to do something for the society? If yes, then what was your goal behind it?

CT: Cuddling’s Town is a Unit of Abhiram Group – A Complete Pre-School Solution Enterprise. Abhiram Group offers all types of Play School & other school’s products and services. We deal in all types of school bags, school uniforms, school or play school furniture, play school toys and tools, concept wall paintings, etc. We are the leading suppliers and dealers of these products in this field.

After many years of experience in the school and pre-school industry, we started with another unit – Cuddling’s Town Play School (A Paradise of Creative Learning). We started this venture with a bouquet of attraction, concepts and role play models for tiny tots based on the ‘play-way’ methodology or ‘learning by doing’.

Cuddling’s Town aims to offer quality education to children to help them to grow in a harmonious environment resulting in their all round development. We believe in the philosophy of giving children the opportunity to grow, learn and reach their potential at their own pace in a safe, clean and supportive environment. We believe in encouraging children to do significant things through fun-filled activities with the help of latest concepts, teaching aids and technology. We provide a carefully planned and structured curriculum and environment that helps children to grow and learn in a natural way.

Q2. What has been the most difficult aspect of getting your brand off the ground and how did you overcome that and what kind of activities are facilitated by your school regarding children’s holistic development?

CT: The most difficult thing we faced was the combination of quality education and a successful business. Most franchises focus either on quality education, which is good for the kids of course, or a successful business, which does not provide good education. Keeping this in mind, we came up with the Idea of Cuddling’s Town Play Franchise, which comes with the Dual Franchise and 0% royalty business. With this, we not only focus on providing a good quality education to all our kids, but a successful business to all our investor as well.

With Dual Franchise, we give franchise of two units of Abhiram Group – Cuddling’s Town Play School and Abhiram Academy. In our play school franchise, we provide curriculum and services for four classes (from Play Group to UKG) and under Abhiram Academy, we help our franchise to include multiple after school activities for additional earnings.

Q3.According to you what is the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of your brand Cuddling Town’s Playschool? How is your brand different from your contemporary competitors? Please throw some light on this topic?

CT: As I said earlier, we have unique concept of Dual Franchise with 0% royalty. Along with this, we have four different Business Models, which meets the budget requirement of all kinds of investor. The four Business Models differs in their investment requirement, services provided by the franchise and other benefits.

Q4. Where have you marked your presence in India till date? What are your plans regarding the future?

CT: Abhiram Group is aiming to have Master Franchise in every state of the country. To start with this idea, we have our Master Franchise in Maharashtra, and Karnataka and our head office is in Delhi. Apart from these three big projects, we are also focusing in getting Master Franchises in other states as well and more Unit Franchise.

Q5. What kind of backend and frontend support you would be providing to your franchisees? How will you manage to be their supporting pillar?

CT: Cuddling’s Town will provide 360 degree support to all our franchises. The support will start with setting up of the school and then day to day operations of their school and academy. We will also provide School Management software to all our franchise which will help them to manage their entire operations smoothly. Also, the head office will monitor the operations on a regular basis to guide the franchise of every Dos & Don’ts.

Q6. Where do you see your brand in the next 5 years from now and what are your future strategies and prospects regarding your brand?

CT: Our goal is to have Master Franchise in every state by 2020 and to make our presence in all India. In the next 5 years, we plan to have a Master Franchise and at least 10-20 Unit Franchises in every state. Master Franchises will play a major role in this expansion and they have the opportunity to have additional earnings in this entire process.

Q7. Please share the franchise facts of Cuddling’s Town pre-school with us.

• Total Investment: For different Business Models with different Investment requirements.
• Franchise fees: Vary with the Business Model.
• Area Required: Min. 1000 sqft.
• Royalty: 0%
• Margin: N/A
Payback period: 1 Year

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