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Abhishek Nigam – Director – Abhiram Group

Abhishek Nigam

Abhishek Nigam

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1. Please give a brief about you and your firm.

After completing MBA in International Business and Finance, I started my career in the field of Finance in one of the BIG 4 companies. With many years of experience as finance professional, I started with this venture Abhiram Group – A complete School Solution Enterprise.

Abhiram Group offers all types of Play School & other school’s products and services. We deal in all types of school bags, school uniforms, school or play school furniture, play school toys and tools, concept wall paintings, etc. We are the leading suppliers and dealers of these products in this field.

2. What is Cuddling’s Town Play School and how the idea of opening a Play School came into your mind?

After many years of experience in the school and pre-school industry, I, along with my wife, Mrs. Rima Nigam, started with another unit – Cuddling’s Town Play School (A Paradise of Creative Learning). We started this venture with a bouquet of attraction, concepts and role play models for tiny tots based on the ‘play-way’ methodology or ‘learning by doing’. Cuddling’s Town aims to offer quality education to children to help them to grow in a harmonious environment resulting in their all round development. We believe in the philosophy of giving children the opportunity to grow, learn and reach their potential at their own pace in a safe, clean and supportive environment.

We believe in encouraging children to do significant things through fun-filled activities with the help of latest concepts, teaching aids and technology. We provide a carefully planned and structured curriculum and environment that helps children to grow and learn in a natural way.

3. What other services, in similar field, Abhiram Group offers apart from the Play School?

Abhiram Group has another unit know as Abhiram Academy – An After School Activity Hub. Abhiram Academy includes multiple activities for kids of various age groups which include: Dance Academy, Karate Academy, Instrumental Music, Coaching centers, Art & Craft classes, etc. The Academy is created keeping in mind the overall development of a child which also includes their academics. Abhiram Academy along with Cuddling’s Town Play together creates a paradise of learning for kids of all age groups.

4. What is unique in Cuddling’s Town Play School Franchise?

Cuddling’s Town is now looking out for people with similar interest and dedication, who would like to join hands and become a part of the youngest & fastest growing play school chain. We offer Dual Franchise of both Cuddling’s Town Play School and Abhiram Academy with ‘No Royalty’ business plan. The franchise comes in four different business models which vary according to budget and requirement of all income classes. Model A of Cuddling’s Town offers Master Franchise of Cuddling’s Town Play School. Cuddling’s Town Play School aims to have Master Franchise in every state and only one franchise in every state will get the Master Franchise with exclusive rights of the Cuddling’s Town brand – A registered brand under Indian Trademark Act, for the particular states. The other Models are Unit Franchise with different budget and specifications.

5. What are the future expansion strategies?

Cuddling’s Town is aiming to have a Master franchise in every state which will work as the face and head office of Cuddling’s Town Play School in their respective states. Apart from Master franchise, we offer Unit franchise in three different Models with different investment plans. Cuddling’s Town offers the most flexible and customized business models with 360 degree support and unique curriculum.

6. What are the basic requirements to become Cuddling’s Town Franchise?

Firstly, we need people with similar mind set and dedication. Cuddling’s Town provides a very flexible franchise opportunity based on four different models. The basic requirement is to have premises of at least 1000 sqft. of area. Our team will support with the location analysis and market research and based on that a detail report will be given to the franchise for all other requirements.

7. What is the minimum investment to start with Cuddling’s Town Franchise?

As I said, we provide a very flexible business model. Our Model D provides the lowest investment with the franchise fees of as low as Rs. 50,000/- only. The entire model will be customized based on the client requirements and budget.

8. What kind of support and training you offer to your franchise?

We are committed to provide 360 degree support to all our franchise. The support starts from setting up of the school to day-to-day running of the school. There will be regular trainings for the entire staff, counselors and non teaching staff. Also, we will provide regular trainings for the Marketing Strategies to be adopted by the franchise.

9. How Cuddling’s Town is is different from other Play School chain?

A unique business model, interactive curriculum and commitment for the all round support from a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals makes us different from others. We have the youngest as well as the highly talented team of professionals continuously working for the development of our franchise. Our aim is to develop the brand by developing our franchise. Our No Royalty Business Plan denotes that we have the commitment to develop our franchise and not to put any burden by taking the share of their hard earned money.

10. About Franchise Mart India Pvt. Ltd.?

We have a strong belief that Franchise Mart is one of the best in your field. We look forward for a great business ahead with you.

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