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About Director & Company
Mr. Riyaz Somani started off his business career vide imports from Thailand almost 2 decades ago. That is when he was introduced to the Thai Massage! From there on his vision was to introduce this concept in India.

Mr. Somani’s foray into construction vide his Companies Redrock Constructions LLP and Rio Luxury Homes Pvt. Ltd. as well as his investments in the Automobile Sector, didn’t permit him to pursue this dream then.

The Thai Spa dream being very much part of his diversification plan, got him to seek franchise opportunities with existing Thai Spa brands which were not as per his expectations, and eventually he decided that it would be prudent to establish his own Brand and chain to implement his way of the Thai Massage ………. and so was incorporated So Thai Spa Pvt. Ltd. in August 2015.

So Thai Spa opened its Flagship Store in November 2015 in Baga North Goa which was met with a lot of encouragement via positive feedbacks which we received from our Clientele. The reason which we would stand out as a niche among the many existing players in the Thai Spa space is because of our well rounded Menu, Stress and Commitment on Services and Affordability.

Knowing we are on the right path to offering quality and conscious Thai Massages to our clients at affordable prices, we opened our second Spa (a mini Spa) in one of the most sought after locations in Vagator (North Goa) – Thalassa.

Enjoying the success and momentum we do not wish to slow down our growth and endeavor to open at least 10 more Spas (Franchisee as well as company owned) by the end of 2016. Looking at Tier 3 and Tier 2 cities, we seek to open in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka as well as other states. Not only limiting our growth to India, we are en route to establishing tie-ups in Thailand and U.S.A.

How many outlets done, Franchise benefit (How Franchise Business Is Useful)?

At present So Thai Spa owns and operates 2 Outlets. Both the Spas are located in North Goa. One being the Flagship Spa in Baga and the other being a Mini Spa in Vagator at Thalassa.

So Thai Spa Pvt. Ltd. stresses on the commitment which we will provide to our Franchisees. How is Franchise Business useful?

- So Thai Spa provided the Franchisee with a complete Turnkey Solution, we assist you in location, interiors, exteriors, setup, management, staffing, training and finally operations.
- So Thai Spa works on a module where the investor does not need to frequent the Spa. You can be sitting in your office and the entire operations and business can be monitored.
- So Thai Spa does not have a whole bunch of Franchisees yet, which works to your advantage. We provide you with A-Z solutions and services, which are prompt and professional. In other words, no lags, no delays, it’s always personal and prompt.
- So Thai Spa provides you with more options to work with. The highest footfall areas are yours for setting up your business.
Our only endeavor is to maximize your revenue.

Next level expansion

Next Level Expansion includes opening 10 Spa’s by end 2016. They include Franchisees and Company Owned. At present we are working on setting up Spas in Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur, Baroda and Hyderabad. Not only looking at expansion in India, we also aim to establish strategic tieups in Thailand and U.S.A.

Target outlets

We aim to open 10 Spa’s by end 2016. Target Cities (India)
- Mumbai
- Kolhapur
- Pune
- Baroda
- Surat
- Hyderabad

Target Cities (International)
- Thailand
- U.S.A.

About Franchise Mart if you want to say?

Franchise Mart is well knowing organization in india, i was visiting this site from past 7 years. lets hope good business from franchise mart.

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