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Daljinder Singh, National Head – IIHT

Daljinder Singh - National Head

Daljinder Singh – National Head

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IIHT – embarked in 1993, is Asia’s leading IT training providers with over 200 centers having a global presence,& a wealth of expertise that spans across a number of domains such as hardware and networking, database management, security and storage management.Over the years, we have made our mark across a number of Fortune 500 companies that can vouch to our success, yet the buzz that gives us the cutting edge over others is our ability to transform students into highly qualified IT professionals and help promote a better career for existing professionals as well.

Q. What is this all about?

It is an IT Skills education business, training on Hardware, Networking, Software and especially unique higher end technologies like Cloud Computing, Bigdata and Andriod.

Q. How the project works? What is the market demand?

We will send you the project report once you allow us to meet one on one. In short our 3 unique courses Cloud Computing, Android & Big Data (leaving other courses apart) are in huge demand as compared to competition since they are contemporary technologies that will drive the recruitment trends. It can be estimated that about 75% of the revenue comes from these courses. The market demand for skill development is extremely high and this will be substantiated by the Project Report that will be shared with you.

Q. What is the duration of the courses and fee?

For a one year course, the fee could be upto 60K. We have courses with fees ranging from 5k to 1.5Lacs. Our courses are designed to suit the training needs of college students, graduates from technical/ non-technical background and working professionals.

Q. Why will someone join IIHT?

With a legacy of 22 years and having trained over 1 million students, IIHT is a pioneer in job-based training.

A meeting in person will help you understand us better and also prove that IIHT:

1. is the leading name in Corporate trainings

2. is placing students with good salary

3. has excellent brand awareness

4. has tie-ups with all leading principal companies

5. has comprehensive and contemporary courseware

6. has an excellent technical team

7. provides online support to students w.r.t technical issues during and after the course

8. has huge growth potential because of the highly demanding recruitment market

Q. How do you give jobs?

Please visit our IIHT’s dedicated placement portal – placement.iiht.com ,We also have zonal and national placement teams to ensure placements for all registered IIHT students.

Q. How will I get the trainers to teach the courses? And how many? Whats the cost?

To start the centre you need 2 trainers with average cost upto 20K per month per trainer. We do everything for you starting from finding the right person to training on the pertinent knowledge.

Q. What is the support from IIHT?

Our past experience says that first 6 months of the centre are the crucial times where the partner is required hand to hand support right from enquiry generation ideas to student certification. We have a dedicated team for marketing, sales, technical, accounts, ERP, courseware, certification, placements etc to take care of your needs.

Q. What is the guarantee of business?

We guarantee the breakeven in 6 months of the centre launch. How? You need to meet us one on one to understand better.

Q What is the royalty and licensee fees?

Standard 20% royalty is applicable in majority of the partnerships. Licensee fees ranges from 3 lacs to 6lacs depending on the city potential. Agreement is for 3 years. Renewal is 50% of the current licensee fees.

Q. Why I should invest and go ahead with education business?

All industries have IT integrated into their everyday businesses. This is creating a robust need for IT professionals across industries and not just in Software companies. This trend is likely to grow rapidly. This is creating a demand for subject matter experts. This is why vocational education business will be the key driver of employability since formal education is not enough to ensure a job.

Q. Can you give us some references of existing centres?

Yes you should do the reference check. The same can be provided once you let us know which area you are looking to start the centre.

Q. How will enquiries come and enrolments happen?

We do a lot of advertising online and generate leads for the centres. We feed the centre with leads daily. However, the centre also has to allocate spends to do local marketing to ensure steady flow of enquiries.

Q. IIHT is affiliated to which companies?

IIHT is affiliated to many industry majors such as Microsoft, Red Hat, SMU and many more.

Q. How you have started your journey, as an entrepreneur?

It was clear that IT would dominate the future across businesses. IT roles would be present across industries spanning verticals and horizontals. IT would not just be a boom but be a trend that all businesses would have to embrace unfailingly to sustain and expand. It was very clear that the industry would turn extremely demanding and the need for quality manpower will far outweigh the supply. This inspired and instigated the inception of IIHT, to bridge the IT skill gap, thereby enhance employability through quality vocational education.

Q. What is the specialty of Brand services?

The speciality of the Brand services that the IIHT courses are not merely technology-specific. They are job and role specific. Every course is designed to ensure that the candidate is job-ready by the time of course completion.

Q. Tell us about the brand’s product portfolio? What is the targeted clientele?

IIHT offers varied courses with respect to IT Training. In fact IIHT has been acclaimed as the global pioneer in job-based IT skills training. This is applicable for all IIHT courses. It is just about the demand-supply from a recruitment perspective. It has become a mandate today in the competitive job market for candidates to be equipped with niche skill sets to land a job. That is why the job/role based curriculum strives to make students job-ready. IIHT offers an array of certifications and also various courses across technologies such as Networking, Java, Android, Dot Net, Big Data and many more.

Q. What is the brand’s potential in Indian market?

With unemployment being a huge issue in India, IIHT has a huge potential and responsibility to ensure that a significant role is played to ensure that students are equipped with strong IT skills that they can use during their application during job roles.

Q. About Franchise Mart If you Want to say?

I heard about franchise mart from many sources & references, therefore i joined hand with FM, Now looking for long lasting business ahead.

Q. Are you also looking up for the International expansion, in which all countries?

IIHT has a presence in about 20 countries worldwide. Active franchisee expansion is in progress currently across Africa, Latin America and South East Asia.

Q. Any advice for the upcoming and potential Entrepreneurs?

Dare to dream big and work towards it. The only thing that can stop you is you. Do not be afraid of failure. Every step you take towards your goal makes you stronger. Most people give up when they are at 90% to their success. Keep going to reach your goal and remember that there is no equivalent to hard work.

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