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Established: 2010.     Franchise Started: 2011
Outlets: Company Owned (1), Franchise (10)
Investment: Below Rs. 2,00,000
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About 69 ACRES Franchise

We are a closely formed Nucleus comprising of professionals from Real Estate Business united to form and promote a Real Estate portal in the name and design of www.69acres.in

As professionals we feel that it's a humble and un-assuming beginning and hence a long way remains to be traversed to explore new horizons of growth for the Company and welfare for the people associated with this organization.

It has been our long cherished desire of forming a Real Estate E-platform by which different segments of clients in the society could be served, thus paving the way for 360 degree real estate information and management services for all.

Besides this, the proponents of 69 acres believe in social enlistment by rightfully using and harnessing the potential of a large population by offering and wooing them in a concept of organized marketing, and India as a corporate house goals to unite all such unstructured efforts under one umbrella to provide a homogenous approach and divide the fortune through a justified approach amongst the service associates

69acres plans to move and exhibit the Real estate scenario of the Urban or Semi Urban towns; even the district levels with authenticated fact and figures in the near future.

Since Real Estate is our motto, we firmly put forward a well balanced e-platform that could be used by all key segments and drivers of Real Estates and hence this platform resolves to roll down equal and impartial opportunities to all sorts of clients in the market. .

Our expertise in Real Estates Sales and disposition through structured Network Planning, that involves Geographical coverage and area wise expansion that eventually bring success to an organization and effective enlistment of welfare through direct and indirect employment.

We sincerely believe in
Social Enlistment and structuring the efforts of Unstructured Business attempts under a single umbrella.
Creating a Homogeneous Business Approach through system driven operation.
Judicious Sharing of Wealth and Fortune amongst Service Associates.
Reaching out to all segments of Clients with our Service Platter.
Commitment towards customers and Network Partners towards transparency of information and judicious way of approach.

Single Unit Investment for 69 ACRES Franchise

Expected Investment for Franchise:   Below Rs. 2,00,000
Investments Includes:  
  Franchise Fee  
  Furniture and Fixtures  
  Advertising / Marketing   5000
Capital Investment required:  
Expected Payback Period:   2 Month
Expected ROI:  
Any other Investment needed:  

Master Franchise Investment for 69 ACRES Franchise

Expected Investment for Franchise:  
Franchise Fee:  
Investments Includes:  
  Furniture and Fixtures  
  Advertising / Marketing  
Capital Investment required:  

Important Points for 69 ACRES Franchise

  Franchise Training Program:  
  Training Program available for the franchisee
  Software/Hardware Support included in the Franchise Fees
  Franchise Training Venue:     Franchise Site
  Franchise available in Regions:  
  Area/Site Preference:    
  Minimum Floor Area needed:     50-100
  Term of Franchise Agreement:     1
    Franchise Agreement is renewable
  Other Important Points  
  Minimum Guarantee given  
  Facility provided  
  Master Franchise Available  
 Site Select Help given  

Contact Information: 69 ACRES Franchise Post Enquiry: 69 ACRES Franchise Add to Wishlist: 69 ACRES Franchise