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A lot can happen over coffee," says the motto for Indias largest retail cafe chain, Cafe Coffee Day.The Bangalore brand that evokes the most immediate recall and recognition around the world may be Infosys, but the Bangalore brand that touches more lives inside the country has to be Cafe Coffee Day.

This is very hard to disagree with considering the fortunes of a young man from Chikamagalur, Karnataka, who grew up on his parents coffee plantations and turned into a business pioneer in the new India.

The man who has had to work extra-hard to play down the benefits of his proximity to his famous father-in-law, former chief minister S.M. Krishna. Mr. Siddhartha always believed he could have easily lived off the 350 acres of coffee estate his family owned in Chikamagalur, but he wanted to start something on his own, to make money on his own. In 1983, if someone had told coffee baron VG Siddhartha that one day he would own an impressive multi-storied office on Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalores Tony Residential and shopping address, he would have called them crazy.

Siddhartha was then just a rookie analyst at JM Financial and Investment Consultancy. Today Coffee Day Square, his Groups headquarters, a glitzy glass-fronted building, stands right across UB City from where Vittal Mallya laid the foundation of the multibillion dollar UB Group managed today by his son Vijay.If VG Siddhartha, chairman of Coffee Day Holdings, werent so successful, you would probably think he has a focusing problem, considering the seemingly unwieldy sprawl that makes up his conglomerate.

His business empire now straddles coffee plantations, coffee retailing, furniture, agriculture, logistics, wealth management and hospitality with estimated revenues of around Rs 2,500 crore.

What can be another example apart from VG Siddhartha- Man who has perfect network with more than 12,000 outlets of Cafe Coffee Day. What can be other pioneering state for a Man who has brewed a Rs 2500-crore success story

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