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Established: 1994.     Franchise Started: 2016
Outlets: Company Owned (10), Franchise (1)
Investment: 5,00,001 - 10,00,000
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About LAPTOP SERVICE @ GBS Franchise

Laptop Service @ GBS was started in the year 2009 with an aim to serve the tech-savvy customers and address the need for effective laptop service solutions. The brand is owned by GBS Systems and Services Pvt. Ltd., started in the year 1994, a reputed name in the field of multi-brand laptop sales and service. GBS has a rich experience of more than 22 years in satisfying thousands of customers with its quality services.

A brief introduction to the Laptop Service @ GBS business opportunity is given below.

Laptop Service Industry in India

An emerging industry with promising growth prospects

The IT revolution in the last couple of decades in the country has brought computers and laptops within reach for everyone. This has improved sale numbers for desktops and laptops in the country. The market for laptops in the country stood at INR 196,497 million in the year 2014. The sale of laptops in the country is steadily increasing due to increased demand from the household and commercial sector.

Laptops occupy a large share in the overall smart devices market in the economy and the demand is expected to grow rapidly in the near future. With the growth in the sale numbers for laptops, the demand for effective after sale laptop services is bound to increase.

The Opportunity

A recent survey reveals that consumers are not happy with the after sales service provided by nearly each and every laptop brand. This presents a great opportunity for exclusive laptop servicing stores, which can provide great after sale service for laptop brands. The penetration of smart devices and computers in smaller cities and urban centers have opened up doors for the growth of specialized chain of laptop service centers, which address variegated needs of consumers related to branded laptop after purchase.

The modern consumer has become more tech savvy and wants solutions related to their gadgets quickly. And with the increasing penetration of laptops in India, the need for specialized service solutions brand will increase for sure, making laptop service industry one of the most promising industries across the economic landscape of the country.

Laptop Service @ GBS has helped in fastening the growth of other industries by providing a strong back-end technical support to leading organizations and corporate ensuring smooth functioning of systems and processes. The brand has 12 centers in the state of Tamil Nadu and has earned a respectable position in the field of after sale service of laptops. GBS is also an authorized retailer for all major brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc. currently operates 3 Dell Exclusive stores, 5 Lenovo Exclusive Stores, 2 HP Exclusive stores & 2 Multi Brand Outlet in addition to its service facilities.

The brand believes in providing the best after sales services as quickly as possible. The brand is involved in the repair and maintenance of laptops and promises fully functional laptop in just 24 hours. The brand also provides high-quality laptop spares and accessories such as adapter, battery, panels, hinges, laptop motherboard, keypad, hard drives, RAM, Screen etc. for all laptop brands. The highly skilled technicians and qualified staff at a Laptop Service @ GBS center are trained to deal with complex technical problems associated with laptop hardware and software, assuring a user of best service experience in the minimum time possible.


Laptop Service @ GBS (The franchisor) will provide exclusive franchisor support to the franchisees through a carefully devised support program focusing on the following parameters:

Set up:

The franchisor would assist the franchisees in choosing the best location for store operations and would also provide support related to the designing of the center.


The franchisor would assist in the sourcing and procurement of spares, accessories and equipment required for center's operations.


The franchisor would organize training programs on a regular basis for Unit Franchisees as well as the technicians at a franchised center. Product knowledge and skill enhancement workshops will be organized by franchisor on a regular basis.

Operations Manual:

The franchisor would provide an Operations Manual containing mandatory and suggested specifications, standards, operating procedures and rules for running the franchise operations smoothly.


The franchisor would assist in the creation and installation of visual merchandise for the store and would also provide marketing material on a cost basis to the franchisee.

Advertising & Promotions:

The franchisor would assist the franchisee events specific to marketing/ branding of Laptop Service @ GBS at the regional/national level. This will include participation in the relevant events and tie ups with magazines/newspapers etc., promote each franchisee center.

we are pleased to forward our Expression of Interest Form kindly fill the form and send it back to us. In case any further clarification please contact Us.

Wishing u all the best and in anticipation of you becoming a Franchise Partner of Laptop Services @ GBS!

Single Unit Investment for LAPTOP SERVICE @ GBS Franchise

Expected Investment for Franchise:   5,00,001 - 10,00,000
Investments Includes:  
  Franchise Fee   300000
  Equipments   150000
  Furniture and Fixtures   300000
  Advertising / Marketing   100000
Capital Investment required:   100000
Expected Payback Period:   18 Months
Expected ROI:   150%
Any other Investment needed:  

Master Franchise Investment for LAPTOP SERVICE @ GBS Franchise

Expected Investment for Franchise:  
Franchise Fee:  
Investments Includes:  
  Furniture and Fixtures  
  Advertising / Marketing  
Capital Investment required:  

Important Points for LAPTOP SERVICE @ GBS Franchise

  Franchise Training Program:  
  Training Program available for the franchisee
  Software/Hardware Support included in the Franchise Fees
  Franchise Training Venue:     Head Office
  Franchise available in Regions:  
  Area/Site Preference:     0
  Minimum Floor Area needed:     200-300
  Term of Franchise Agreement:     3
    Franchise Agreement is renewable
  Other Important Points  
  Minimum Guarantee given  
  Facility provided   150000
  Master Franchise Available  
 Site Select Help given  

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